Won’t the publisher edit my work once it’s accepted?

Yes, probably. But consider: what are the chances of a ‘rough’ manuscript beating out the others in the slush pile?

Imagine having a stack of submissions on your desk, and knowing the vast majority of them will be rejects. Are you going to carefully read through every single one? Or are you going to skim and scan until you find one you like?

You guessed it… to get past that initial scan, the work of new authors has to be darn near perfect.

Is your manuscript

  • Formatted correctly
  • A match to the publisher’s style guide
  • Free of errors
  • Clean, crisp, and clear?

An editor will make sure your work is professional and polished. In short, that it stands a better chance of passing the scan-test. After that, your prose will have the chance to speak for itself.

Can you tell me about the cost?

Editing manuscripts is a labour of love—and also, of time. Costs for manuscript evaluation are based on three factors: the quality of the work, the investment of time required, and the length of the novel. The full editing package typically consists of a three-step process: content evaluation, line editing and proofreading.

Each stage of the editing process is priced separately and your manuscript will be re-evaluated at each stage to make sure you’re getting a price that reflects all the hard work you’re putting in.

Content edit: flat dollar rate based on overall initial assessment of manuscript. Average for an 80,000 manuscript is $750USD

Line edit: rate based on page number, ranging from $3.25 per page to $5.00.

Proofreading: flat fee averaging $150

What is your turnaround time?

The length of time between the beginning of the content edit and the acceptance of the final proofread depends largely on the author’s schedule. Because each step of the process involves your collaboration, you ultimately direct the pace. When you submit your manuscript and it is accepted for editing, you will be given an approximate start and end date for the process. The window for content edits is generally two to three weeks; for line editing, four to six weeks.