Melissa Storm Award-Winning Author & Entrepreneur

What can I say about Stevie's amazing editing skills? Well, the heaps of praise I have could never fit in this tiny, little box. Stevie goes above and beyond like no one else I've ever worked with before--in any industry, not just editing. She truly GETS an author's voice, goals, message, and helps to make them shine in a beautiful, integrated whole. She doesn't cut corners and will often spend extra time to make sure an author gets just what she needs, be it writing advice, tough love, financial coaching, or even a friend. Stevie has edited close to fifty projects for me now and has basically ruined me for other editors. She's that professional, that talented, and THAT amazing. #TeamStevie4Life

Stevie Mikayne is more than an editor—she's a teacher. I've learned so much about writing. She understands an author's voice and vision, and she can take a good story and make it great.

Amelia JamesInternationally Bestselling Romance Author
Eleanor Beaty YA Author

I have had the opportunity to work with Stevie on several projects and have enjoyed the experience. Editing is not an easy task, nor a joyous one, but when you work with an editor who cares about your work it makes every rewrite less painful and more fulfilling. Stevie has been a teacher to me as well as a great editor. I hope to relive the experience many times more!

Thank you Stevie!!

"Stevie is an awesome editor. She has a good sense or humor and always offers suggested fixes for the problems she identifies. Her editing is helping develop me into a better writer. I highly recommend her."

K.M. HodgeThriller Author
Alex WestmoreBestselling LGBT Author

Stevie for the win! Also she's pretty easy on the eyes!

Finding an editor that you feel comfortable with, who sees your vision, and understands your voice can be a daunting process. I can assure you that Stevie Mikayne is one of the finest editors I have ever worked with. Her approach is professional yet approachable, and as I worked with her I not only grew in my confidence as an author, but felt as though she truly wanted to see my project succeed. She showed me how tweaking a few words and reorganizing a sentence could take a scene from one level to the next. She showed me what worked and what didn’t, and always left the ultimate decision to make changes up to me. The things I've learned from Stevie have made me a better writer.

Angela ScottNew Adult Fiction Author